iDestiny seeks to encourage you to step into all God has for you and to partner with you in making your destiny reality! Our mission is to equip and raise up a people who love and follow God whole heartedly and seek after the fullness of His kingdom here on earth.

iDestiny is led by Andy & Sharon Britton, Rebecca Faulkner and Phil Drysdale who love seeing individuals grounded in the foundation of God's powerful and perfect love, being transformed and released into the fullness of God's plan for their life, impacting the world as they go

Their mandate is to raise up a generation of Burning Ones - a people that is completely consumed by the love of God and love for His kingdom. A people that only burn for Him, no mater the cost! While they love imparting the fire of God, they're having immense fun getting people drunk in God and seeing His perfect love and grace do what the law failed to do - bring freedom!

For more information, testimonies, starting dates, podcasts and application downloads, please visit the iDestiny website.